Final School Performance

Lister School


Have we got  68 years for you!!


The final production at Lister School  before it closes in July took place on 21st and 22nd April 2015.  It was a trip down memory lane, entitled ‘Have we got 68 years for you.’


Loosely based around popular quiz shows through the decades, it was full of humour, music, song and dance. There were scenes from the past including the Queen’s Coronation, the early days of the school, The Beatles and  some very poignant moments as the show came to an end.

 Hostesses for the evening were Cara Gray, Jennifer Dolan, Kirsten Grundy and Ellie Moore.  All pupils took part in the show, and each class had their own star turn including Foundation Stage 1 who produced a 1940s swing video entitled ‘Hey Mr. Miller!’

 The wider community was involved with the Herford military wives singing ‘White Cliffs of Dover’  together with  a last get together by The Juke Box Heroes band who have played at a number of previous concerts in school, and who provided much of the musical accompaniment.

The show was written and produced by Mrs Hird-Shaw, Mr Gill and Mr. Muldoon and assisted by many other members of staff and pupils including ‘ The Expressive Arts Club’ who helped provide the ideas and have met and rehearsed regularly after school throughout the year.

As the show finished, the Head Teacher, Mrs. Scarisbrick reflected on a wonderful show to begin the final term at Lister School, thanking the pupils, staff and audience for making it such a memorable occasion.


‘The Lister Beat’ – written   especially to the tune of ‘Amarillo’ provided a fitting end to a fantastic show with everyone raising the roof in the school hall for one last time.